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Return Policy

7-Day Money Back Guarantee only in the US.

All products purchased from Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) include a seven day unconditional money-back guarantee excluding the Shipping & Handling fees that were invoiced to the customer on the date that the unit shipped to the customer.

Customers are also responsible for the freight charges when returning the unit to Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc.

Customers who have made a credit card purchase will have to pay a 7% (seven percent) restocking fee to accommodate the merchant fee that is charged to Intelligent Computer Solutions by the credit card company.

This guarantee is honored by ICS provided the unit is purchased directly from ICS.

Not all resellers have the same unconditional 7-day money back policy that ICS has. So it is recommended that the customer confirms this with relevant reseller before placing the order.

This seven-day unconditional money-back guarantee is only valid if the unit is returned to ICS in its original packaging and provided that the unit has not been damaged in anyway whatsoever.

If it is noted that the unit has been damaged, the customer will pay the full repair cost to return the unit back to its original delivered condition.