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Road Master

2 Ports SAS / SATA Plus, 1 Port ESATA,  up to 6 Ports USB 3.0, 2 Ports of SCSI, 2 Ports of Fire-wire.

enlightenedICS Image MASSter Forensic system software clone is an exact bit-for-bit copy of a piece of digital evidence. Files, folders, hard drives, and more can be cloned. A forensic clone is also known as a bit-stream image or forensic image. Forensic duplicators are a crucial tool for computer forensics investigations. They provide a range of services that enable investigators to accurately and efficiently duplicate digital media while preserving the integrity of the original data.

enlightenedICS Image MASSter IT system Cloning a hard drive is a way to create copies of your device's contents, including your operating system, files, folders, and preferences. This can be useful for backing up or transferring data, or even mounting a cloned system drive as a new drive. Unlike backups, which are file-based, clones copy everything.

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RoadMASSter Forensic SSD Clone HDD Acquisition

RoadMASSter-3 X2 Forensic Hard Drive SSD Acquisition, Duplicator, Clone Analysis Lab Windows Base..


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